Why Isn’t My Thermostat Working 2023

The humble thermostat is a wonderful invention. With the twist of a knob or push of a button, you can adjust the temperature and climate inside of your home and combat whatever the environment is doing outside.
Why Isnt My Thermostat Working

But we’ve all experienced the frustration that happens when you walk over to the thermostat, change the temperature, and…nothing. No familiar sound of the furnace or air conditioner turning on, no confirmation from the thermostat, and no sign that you’re about to get more comfortable.

If you’re wondering why isn’t my thermostat working, here are 3 possible reasons why – and things you can try – before calling in Rellaire to help you:

  1. Your thermostat batteries could be dead. This is the easiest fix of all for a digital thermostat. If your thermostat isn’t showing signs of life – i.e. it is not lighting up when you press the buttons – then it may be a simple battery issue. Remove the panel according to the manufacturer’s instructions, remove the batteries, install new batteries, and see if the thermostat works. If it does, you’re all set! If not, move on to the next potential reason.

  2. Your thermostat may not be programmed correctly. Today’s thermostats have complex features like preprogrammed active times, automatic shut-offs, and more. Sometimes, you can get a thermostat working again just by clicking through your thermostat’s menu and ensuring that the unit isn’t stuck in an automatic program which is preventing you from manually changing the temperature. Furthermore, after a new installation, sometimes the thermostat has not been properly programmed to your new heating or cooling system. This type of disconnect can also occur with systems that have been working for some time. Today’s digital systems do have disruptions in connectivity that can occur because of power outages or fluctuations, system resets, and more. If this occurs, call us for service and we’ll get back to you quickly to get your system working again.

  3. Your heating or cooling system may not be working properly. When you’ve exhausted your options with the thermostat itself, it may be time to call in the professionals to see if the disconnect is occurring at the heating or cooling unit, either because of a simple connectivity issue or because the unit is experiencing a technical problem. When this occurs, we highly recommend you not tamper with the system itself, as doing so can result in accidental damage to the unit or to you! Instead, give us a call so we can ensure your system gets back online quickly while protecting your system from unnecessary damage.
There’s nothing better than being comfortable in your own home. That’s why it can be so frustrating when your thermostat doesn’t work! If you’re wondering, why my isn’t my thermostat working, we can help. Give us a call now and we’ll help you solve the problem as soon as we can! 815.477.2600

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