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Every year we answer thousands of calls from our neighbors here in Chicagoland who need radiant heating installation, repair, or maintenance. Since 2008, we’ve been here to help with honest and thorough diagnostics, an unmatched 5-Star Service Guarantee, and the best licensed technicians in the business.

Read on to learn more about our radiant heating installation, repair and maintenance services.

Expect more from every Radiant Heat Service with Rellaire Home Systems.

A Radiant Heating repair gone wrong leads to more contractor visits, more bills and more frustration. That’s not an acceptable option here at Rellaire. In fact, when you call Rellaire, you’ll receive the most comprehensive furnace repair in Illinois.

That way, you stay informed about repairs that need to be made now and repairs that may require your attention in the near future. Add to this our commitment to fast, convenient service and fully-licensed technicians and you have a recipe for true 5-star service from start to finish.

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What does a Radiant Heating Repair cost in Greater Chicago?

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What Causes an Equipment Failure?

When it comes to radiant heating systems in general, equipment failures are relatively rare. In most cases a radiant heating system fails due to a lack of maintenance. If a radiant heating system is maintained properly, including routine cleanings and checks, the radiant heating system will have a predictable life and a qualified maintenance technician will be able to tell exactly when a radiant heating system system might need to be replaced.

What Warranties Do I Get?

When we repair your radiant heating system, you get a warranty on both labor and parts so you can relax knowing you’re covered. However, this is not always the case with other heating repair companies. Some heating and cooling companies do not supply warranties–especially on labor—so always ask your provider before allowing them to work on your boiler.

Should I Repair or Replace My Radiant Heating System?

Radiant heating systems have specific repair costs that make it more economical for you to replace your system rather than repair it. For instance, when you’re spending over $1,000 on a repair, it is time to begin thinking about replacing the radiant heating system. If you are looking at spending over $1,500 on a repair, then it is usually a better option to replace the radiant heating system so you benefit from today’s more efficient heating technologies and save on monthly energy costs. New radiant heating system can range from $5,000 and up, but can save you hundreds or even thousands per year on your energy bills.


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Schedule a Comprehensive Radiant Heating Repair Diagnostic Today!

Better repair outcomes happen with better diagnostics.

Call us today to get a proper diagnosis on your home equipment so we can provide you with the Rite option at the Rite price, which is all part of our Rellaire RiteBid™ Process.

Schedule a Comprehensive
Radiant Heating Repair Diagnostic Today!

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Better repair outcomes happen with better diagnostics.

Schedule a Comprehensive Radiant Heating Repair Diagnostic Today!

Proudly Serving 10 Counties
in the Chicagoland Suburbs
Proudly Serving 10 Counties
in the Chicagoland Suburbs


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