Your business needs a service just like any other. However, you may be wondering what is light commercial service? In short, it is a heating and air conditioning services for businesses that may resemble homes. But we will tell you more on light commercial below.

1. What Businesses Are Considered Light Commercial Service?

You are not considered light commercial if your business is a huge warehouse, industrial operation, refinery, etc. However, you are considered light commercial if you are a retail space, small office, restaurant, or other similarly sized business.

2. What Service is Used in Light Commercial?

Your business may use a similar or identical unit as a residence. As a result, you would be considered a light commercial job. Typically, any unit that weighs up to ten tons is considered a light one. They can be powered by gas or electric, or a combination of both. You may use a single split system. They are one of the most affordable commercial systems for small buildings. They can be used for restaurants, shops, and buildings with several rooms. Another added feature is that you can control the temperature in various rooms with some single split units.

Packaged units are also used in business. However, some can weigh up to 25 tons and are not considered “light.” Light packaged units can weigh three to ten tons and come with durable scroll compressors. Routine maintenance is a requirement, and they can be more expensive to run than single split system. However, the entire unit is designed to fit in on area, such as on your roof. Some businesses need that.

Feel free to click here to view more on packaged units from Bryant, a leading provider. They offer heat pumps, air conditioners, and gas heating/ electric cooling systems. The SEER range goes all the way up to 19.9, which is great for this type of unit.

3. What Light Commercial Service does Rellaire do?

We are proud to offer these light commercial services:

Lodi Light Commercial Heating And Air Services

Does your business in Lodi or the surrounding area need professional and reliable AC services? Rellaire is a locally owned cooling and heating company that serves the commercial community quickly and efficiently. We specialize in helping you maintain, repair, select, and install all types of AC units. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help you get your business comfortable.

Blackwell is now Rellaire!

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