Your light commercial business needs to save every dollar it can. We can tell you from experience that businesses in our area spend a lot of their cash on heat pumps and related expenses. Make the most of your money by choosing to install or replace your system with the best. To help out, below we will share some of our 3 favorite light commercial heat pumps for Lodi.

1. Fit Comes First

Remember that you need to know the location and the allowable size for your light commercial heat pump before you do any shopping around. There’s no point in falling in love with a unit only to see it won’t fit in your business. Do you need a rooftop unit? Indoor unit? Packaged or split? You should also know the available power sources for your heat pump such as electricity, natural gas, etc. No worries if you don’t know any of this. A trusted professional in your area can answer this and tell you more.

2. Bryant Preferred Rooftop Heat Pump 549K

One of the reasons we love this unit so much is its amazing energy efficiency. It gets a SEER rating of up to 16.2 and HSPF of up to 8.3. These are great numbers for light commercial units and can help save you money in the long run. It is available in three to five ton capacities that are Energy Star certified and ASHRA compliant to 90.1.

Click here to learn more from Bryant.

3. Mitsubishi Mini Splits for Light Commercial

Some businesses only need a little bit of heating and cooling, which is where ductless mini split systems come in. You can install them for one area or multiple areas, which are great for an add on to the property. They have advanced controls, excellent energy efficiency, and come with leading warranties.

Click here to learn more from Mitsubishi.

More on Our Favorite Light Commercial Heat Pumps for Lodi

The above are just a jumping off point to help you select a light commercial heat pump. We do not recommend that you buy one on your own. Be sure to contact a professional in your area to help you select and install your system. Businesses located in Lodi are free to contact us to learn more about our favorite light commercial heat pumps as well as what we think will work best for your business. Feel free to contact us at Rellaire to get a detailed, professional estimate.

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