Best Heating Company in Chicago 2023

If you’re looking for a reputable heating and cooling company for service, repair, or a new furnace, you’re likely searching for the best heating company in Chicago in 2023. To help you find the perfect match for your needs, here’s a shortlist of companies to consider based on a variety of factors.
Best Heating Company in Chicago 2023

What are those factors? When it comes to finding the best heating company in Chicago, there are several things to look for that will ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable firm with qualified technicians.

First, check the company’s website. Has the company invested in itself? Does it have a quality brand and an easy-to-use website with good information? A website is a heating company’s first touchpoint for customer service. If it doesn’t have the time or desire to give attention to its customer service right from the start, what kind of service will you get throughout the relationship? Start with the website as an indicator that the company is investing properly in its customer relationships.

Second, call the company and ask about its qualifications. We recommend calling for two reasons: First, they should be able to tell you their qualifications in an instant, and they should know which qualifications are most important. Second, a phone call lets you know how their customer service will be. Are they friendly on the phone? Are they patient with your questions? Are they willing to explain things and help you understand the process? All of these are indications of a quality experience.

Third, see what the sales process is like. Is the salesperson pushing you into the highest-cost option? Or are they being honest with you, showing you exactly what your options are and telling you what they would choose if it were their own home? Oftentimes a customer does not need the highest-cost unit because the payback period doesn’t fit the homeowner’s needs. In addition, does the quote include everything you need? Most estimates from heating and cooling companies come with hidden costs and extras (Rellaire includes every single item in its price, so make sure you understand exactly what you’re missing if you go with a lower-cost installer).


With those points in mind, here’s a shortlist of best heating companies in Chicago:

  1. Dawn Heating and Air Conditioning
    Dawn Heating and Air Conditioning is a reputable and longstanding company with over 45 years of service to its community. The company believes in old-fashioned customer service in which it puts the customer first in every way.

  2. Community Heating & Cooling
    This family-owned company believes in offering the most efficient equipment and service with a focus on developing long-term relationships with its customers. This company also offers services that cover a wide range of HVAC equipment, making it a good choice for older or customized equipment.

  3. Krope & Son Heating & Cooling
    This company Is one of the top Service providers of the western suburbs of Chicago. Family-owned and operated, this company provides a unique service you can only find with a father and son team. They are a staple of the community, providing emergency service 24/7 and generational experience.

  4. Rellaire Smart Home Systems
    We take it very seriously to include ourselves in a list of best heating companies in Chicago. Obviously, we want you to be the final judge to determine whether we deserve to be on this list. However, our service technicians are licensed, award-winning experts who work tirelessly to give our customers the absolute best quality installation, repair, and service in the Chicagoland area. We live by our core values – values like positivity, honesty, and exceeding expectations. We believe that doing right by our customers results in the best marketing we could ask for: your referral. In addition, our decades of experience in heating, cooling, plumbing, and smart home systems make us a “one-stop shop” for your HVAC needs. We would be honored to get the chance to earn your business!

Ultimately, finding the right heating company in Chicago for you is a personal choice. Call around, ask the tough questions about qualifications and experience, and see how the company makes you feel. With so many great choices in the Chicagoland market, you will always get the heating installation, service, or repair you need with the right company for you. We hope to earn your business either now or in the future!

Ace Heating & Cooling is now Rellaire!

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