Your home in Lodi, the surrounding areas, or most parts of the nation is about to get very hot. Your cooling unit needs maintenance just like your car does. Many of the properties in our area use a device called a heat pump to heat and cool it. Below we will tell you all about heat maintenance to keep it running as efficiently as possible.

1. What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is one of the best inventions in the industry. It is designed to move hot air into the property during the cold months. It can also move it out of the property during the warmer ones. This one unit replaces the older style heaters and air conditioners used in the past. You may notice that your unit has one component located in an attic, basement, or other. Another unit is located outside. In many cases, this is a heat pump.

2. What are the Benefits to a Heat Pump?

In addition to only having one unit to care for, there are many other benefits to having a heat pump. To begin with, these specialized units are highly energy efficient. They can go well over the SEER range of 20, which is amazing. This benefit means lower prices to heat and cool your property. In addition, your unit is likely to last even longer because it doesn’t have to work as hard to make the property comfortable

Feel free to click here to get a list of the most energy efficient heat pumps for 2021 from Energy Star.

3. What Heat Pump Maintenance do I Need?

Heat pumps are a complex piece of equipment. As a result, they need a professional technician who knows how to service your particular make and model. Each one has different needs but they all usually need regular:

This should all be done at least once a year depending on your unit and how much you use it.

Lodi Cooling, Heating & Heat Pump Maintenance

Does your home or small business in Lodi or the surrounding area use a heat pump or other cooling unit? Rellaire is a locally owned heating and air company that serves the community quickly and efficiently. We specialize in helping you professionally maintain your heat pump as well as all other types of AC units. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help you get you comfortable.

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