Thinking about going solar for your home? You probably have lots of questions. You wonder what will it cost? How much energy can I save with solar panels? Today, we will help you answer both by listing these 4 incentives for Lodi residential solar panel systems.

1. Net energy metering

First of all, the NEM is a billing arrangement for utilities in which solar panel owners get credit for energy sent to the power grid in the day time. These credits are then used when the sun isn’t shining. The new NEM 2.0 program slightly reduces owner kilowatt per hour credits to ensure low-income assistance. It also requires panel owners to sign up for a time-of-use billing plan.

2. The SASH Program

The Single-family Affordable Solar Homes program is offered by the California Solar Initiative. It provides qualifying affordable single-family housing with some nice solar incentives per kilowatt hour. In order to qualify for SASH incentives you must:

3. Investment Tax Credit

The ITC program is a nationwide program that is commonly referred to as the federal solar tax credit. ITC allows you to deduct 26% of the installation cost of your residential solar panel system from your taxes. So if you spend $10,000 the system, you would get a $2,600 credit. The program is valid for both residential and commercial panel systems. In addition, there is no cap on how much you can deduct. However, the average residence can save thousands on just this one incentive alone.

4. Energy Program For All

This program is run Grid Alternatives and The California Solar Initiative’s Single-family Affordable Solar Homes program. It helps owners with all types of homes to save anywhere from 50% to 80% on their electricity bill. They also help invest in the value of your home, as well as increase clean power usage. Click here to begin your application.

More Incentives for Lodi Residential Solar Panel Systems

Finally, the above is great for getting an idea of what kind incentives you can get for your solar panels. Be sure to contact a professional in your area to help you select and install your solar panels correctly. Many of these incentives are only valid with the help of a certified professional.

Rellaire is a locally owned solar company that serves the community with speed and expertise. We specialize in helping you select, install, maintain the warranty, and apply for these incentives for residential solar panel systems. Feel free to contact us to learn more.

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